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Returning Groups: Re-registration

If you are a currently registered campus organization, your registration with SOLE lasts until October 31, 2014. In order to remain eligible to use resources and facilities beyond that date, your organization must re-register during Fall 2014 quarter. The registration window starts on Monday, September 22nd at 12noon and will end Friday, October 24th at 5pm. Instructions on how to re-register your group can be found here

New Groups: Registration + Requirements

If you would like to register a new campus organization, the registration period for the 2014-2015 academic year will start Thursday, October 2nd at 12noon and end Friday, October 24th at 5pmRegistration for all RCOs will occur online via OrgSync.  For step by step instructions, please click here.

Before you start a new organization, it is best to check out the existing organizations to be sure that we do not already have something similar. Click here to search for current groups on campus.

IF, you want to start a new group on campus, each RCO must have the following:

  • Have a total of 3 signatories to be the authorized representatives of the RCO. Signatories can be any UCLA student, faculty, or staff person.
  • Create a constitution. For requirements of the constitution click here.
  • Must Attend a “Program Planning for New Campus Orgs” workshops.  Look at the workshop schedule.
  • Organizations may ONLY use UCLA in their name as an geographic reference (i.e. “MyClub @ UCLA”, you may NOT use “UCLA MyClub”)
  • All of these requirements must be met before your new organization will be approved.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Kris at


Bruin Plaza

The office of Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE) schedules Bruin Plaza for registered campus organizations (RCOs) and helps with the planning of their activities.