Frequently Asked Questions

Does your organization have a SOLE Advisor?

Yes! If you do not know who your advisor is, please contact SOLE at (310) 825-7041 to find out. Your advisor welcomes the opportunity to meet with you. Call him/her for an appointment.

How do I apply for an Organizational Email Account?

To request an organizational e-mail account, a signatory must submit this - organizational email account request form.

If our organization registered last year do we have to register again this year?

Yes! Registration for every campus organization must be renewed each year. The 2013-14 registration for campus organizations will expire on October 31, 2014. Your organization must be registered in order to reserve rooms and advertise their events on campus.

Can our organization advertise off-campus?

Most programs that student organizations present are for the education and enjoyment of the UCLA campus community. However, on occasion, it is appropriate to advertise off-campus. Speak to your SOLE advisor regarding obtaining the appropriate authorization for off- campus advertising.

How do I reserve a facility?

You will reserve facilities through the Events Online (EOL) process. First talk with your SOLE advisor when planning any activity. You can go here to - research potential locations. You will then contact the venue scheduler in person or on the phone, to start the process, and receive an application through e-mail. The earlier you begin the process the better. Only one of the three signatories can reserve the room and complete the online application.

How do we obtain a tax-id number (EIN)?

In order to open an organization bank account a bank may require a tax-id number (also known as an EIN). To get a tax-id number groups should download Form SS4 from and fill out the organization name, mailing address, and county. The type of entity is “other nonprofit organization” (student organization). The reason for applying is “banking purpose.” You can go here for more information on - How to Apply for an EIN 

Can our organization post flyers anywhere on campus?

Unfortunately, no. SOLE is responsible for the posting of flyers on all of the official campus activity boards. Bring 20 flyers to the SOLE Office by 5pm Thursday, and they will be posted for the following week. Speak to your SOLE advisor regarding the distribution of flyers other than those posted on the campus activity boards. Remember, all flyers must have the name of the registered organization sponsoring the event, be 8 ½ by 11 in size, and written vertically (portrait style). Note: If another language appears on the flyer, the information must also be translated into English.

How do I apply for event insurance?

Registered Campus Organizations (RCO) should assess their risk and liability for their event. If insurance is recommend or required, RCO's can apply for coverage here: