Registration Info

You can register a new organization starting at 12noon on April 10.  Registration closes at 5pm on April 17.  You will be able to register a new organization by logging on to using your UCLA logon. 


New Organization Workshop:

Thursday, April 20: 6pm in the Ackerman Bruin Viewpoint Room

Friday, April 21: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room (A-Level)
New Organization workshop at 9am, 10:30am, or 12pm



Event Planning

Although you can start the event planning process at numerous locations on your path, we tend to think a good place to start is by meeting with your SOLE Advisor. You’ll find a link here to the advisors in our office so you can start that process. During our first meeting, we’ll talk about your organization, what you’re planning to do and then all of the questions regarding, when, where, how, and more. Quite often where you want to hold your event and how you reserve that space is discussed. Here are links to pages about Locations and how to reserve those locations.

List of Frequently Used Rooms and Locations on Campus

Process for Reserving Rooms and Locations on Campus

Process for Reserving Meyerhoff Park

Group Email Accounts

To be eligible for an email account under the name of your organization, your organization must be currently registered with SOLE. As a registered organzation, your organization will already have an OrgSync Portal account. To apply for a group email account, one of the 3 authorized signatories must fill out an email request form on their own Organizataional OrgSync Portal. The form can be found under Tools and then Forms along the left side of the Portal Home Page. Only Authorized Signatories for currently registered Organizations have access to the Email Request Form.

Changing Signatories/Organizational Information

Logon to

Go to Campus Life > Student Organizations 

Search for organization that you want to make a signatory/profile change.  Click on the name to get to your organization's profile page. If you cannot find your organization, contact your SOLE advisor.

On your organization’s profile, you should see “Edit Profile”.  If you don’t see “Edit Profile” contact your SOLE advisor to make you an administrator.

Click “Edit Profile” and make the needed changes.  If you are making a signatory change, you will need to have the following information: New signatories Name and UID.  Click "Save" when completed.  

Each new signatory will get email asking them to approve/deny the signatory request.  They will need to approve of the request to become a signatory.

Your SOLE advisor will need to approve of the changes. 

You can check the status of your change request here -