Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian service is an integral part of the educational experience and a recognized True Bruin Value. The Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award honors outstanding contributions and commitment to public service, and encourages future projects to engage in positive social change.

 Criteria for Applicants:

  • Must be an undergraduate, graduate or professional student in good standing at the time of application.
  • Must have performed an outstanding public service during the preceding twelve-month period including but not limited to: Aid to underserved communities; Sustainability or environmental protection; Elimination of cruelty or injustice; and/or Efforts for the resolution of community or national conflict.
  • All programs, non-profit, governmental or community-based organizations qualify.
  • Projects sponsored by or affiliated with student organizations will be given additional weight during the selection process.

Application Requirements and Deadline:

  • Completed CEY Application
  • One letter of support by an advisor, instructor, or officer of a sponsoring organization describing your involvement in the project(s).
  • Three to five pictures, videos, or other materials that show case your involvement in the project(s). These will be used at the awards night and will not be used as part of the evaluation process. Email to electronic material to
  • Deadline: All application material must be received in the Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement office, 105 Kerckhoff Hall, by Friday, April 29, 2016 at 4:00PM

Awards Night:

  • Awards will be given out as part of the CEY Awards Night from 5pm – 7pm on May 31st , 2016 in the Pavilion Club in Pauley Pavilion.
  • Ten Projects will be honored and showcased that evening.
    • Three recipients of the 2016 Charles E. Young (CEY) Humanitarian Award will be given $1000 each for the humanitarian activity of their choice.
    • The remaining honorees will be given $100 for the humanity activity of their choice.